SpeedFlash Reviews

SpeedFlash® has our engineers hooked! This revolutionary piece of kit has been a game changer on our installations, halving the amount of time required to install the mounting kit while retaining the roof’s integrity better than ever. 

SpeedFlash® eliminates the need to remove any slates, and the installation tool protects the surrounding roof covering to allow for damage-free grinding. Using a hassle-free hook to secure it in place, SpeedFlash® minimises slate disturbance while ensuring incredible durability and is compatible with countless manufacturers.

This innovative new design exhibits everything Genius Roofing Solutions are known for; superb quality, exceptional durability and dedication to better the solar industry. SpeedFlash® really is Genius.

Glen Flanagan of EE Renewables

SpeedFlash® will greatly help our installer customers to overcome the challenges of retrofitting Solar PV panel on slate rooftops.  There is a huge amount of the existing housing stock in Ireland with slate roofs, and we at Rexel believe it is vital that these homes do not miss out on the energy transition.  SpeedFlash® will help reduce the cost and time taken to install photovoltaic panels on slate roofs, whilst also leaving them weathertight.  We believe SpeedFlash® will have mass appeal in Solar PV installer market and that is why we have committed to stocking them at each of our 23 locations.

Damien Phillips, Kellihers Rexel Ireland

 Slate roof jobs have been made so much easier & neater with this new SpeedFlash® system from Genius Roof Solutions. We love it!

The Energy Smart Group Ltd

We used your new SpeedFlash today.  We did 32 hooks, rail and 12 panels in the day.  That normally takes us 2 days so you have saved at least a days labour.  Thank you

Danvers Stanley Electrical

We carried out an installation using SpeedFlash in January.  It is a fantastic product, making installing solar hooks on slate roofs a breeze!”

“Best flashings for slate”

JE Electrical Ltd and Lakes Solar

 We had the privilege of being one of the chosen few to test the new Genius Roof Solutions SpeedFlash on a recent Slate roof Solar PV installation.

After the installation was complete, I asked the team on-site to describe the product so I could give some feedback to David White, I got a one-word answer: “Gamechanger”
Installation time is immediately halved!
Fewer slates disturbed = Fewer slates to be potentially damaged.
They even include a tool to prevent damage to slates underneath when grinding!
Going forward all our Slate installs will be using this kit so the sooner these hit the shelves, the better!

 Spectra Solar

 Genius Roof Solutions’ SpeedFlash is nothing short of a revolution in the solar industry, ensuring both time efficiency and uncompromised quality when installing solar.  This product not only lives up to its promises but also receives a strong endorsement based on our firsthand experience. It’s indeed a game-changer, provided by Genius Roof Solutions”

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