Mounting Bracket Flashing Cover

What Does The SolarFlash® Do?

There are four different SolarFlash® kits.

The SolarFlash® system is a simple and effective waterproof solution to refitting roofing slates or tiles around a roof bracket when installing solar photovoltaic (or other) panels.

SolarFlash® is very easy to install and enables you to do a high-quality job and leave the roof tidy, reliable and weatherproof.

You won’t need any additional expert knowledge or training. Our installation videos show you step-by-step how to easily and quickly install SolarFlash®

SolarFlash® is in use all over the UK as well as in a growing number of countries.  It is used by solar installers, housing associations, roofers and developers.

The SolarFlash® Slate New Build and and Slate Refit kits are designed for a maximum slate length of 600mm (24″).

Why You Need The SolarFlash® Kit?


The existing method of dressing a flashing material around the bracket is fundamentally flawed, as the bracket moves and in doing so can move the flashing material, which can lead to damaged or cracked slates/tiles.

This impacts on the weather tightness of the roof.

The kit components give you everything you need to complete the job.

  • Shims: There are at least 2 shims in all our kits. Any contact between the bracket and the roofing material makes the roofing material load bearing. Use the shims to lift the bracket away from the slate/tile underneath
  • Foam: The foam seals the gap within the SolarFlash® hood, meaning no rain or snow etc can gain access into the roof
  • Hallhook®: This is a mechanical, fixing device for putting slates back into position when you cannot access either nail hole
  • Compensation Hooks: This is a metal device used when you can only access one nail hole

There are several ways to ensure your solar is installed correctly. For some useful advise, please read our How To on this matter

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