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Our Journey

Genius Roof Solutions is the definitive platform dedicated to equipping roofers with innovative tools and solutions. From seasoned professionals to emerging businesses, countless experts trust our products for reliable, efficient, and professional roof installations and repairs.

Crafting the Roofing Revolution

Merge your roofing challenges with our vast range of products designed to address every specific need. With three flagship solutions, the SolarFlash, Hallhook, and Hallclip, and a dynamic suite of complementary products, we’ve become the gold standard in the roofing industry.

Our Essence

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Jimmy Hall, who believes, “A product’s true brilliance is not just its appearance, but its effectiveness and reliability”. We pride ourselves on this ethos, ensuring every Genius Roof Solutions’ product isn’t merely functional, but exceptional.

Our core values include:

Commitment to Innovation

Made with Pride in Britain

Swift Customer Support

Emphasis on Reliability

Dedication to Quality

Sustainability and Durability

The Foundation

Jimmy Hall begins his career in the roofing industry, gathering first-hand experience and identifying gaps in the market for innovative solutions.

Introdction of HallClip®

After facing challenges with the conventional methods of fixing flashings, Jimmy invents the HallClip®. A revolutionary clip that makes it up to 20 times faster to secure flashings.

The Genesis of Hallclip®

Inspired by the challenges he faced while working on a Mansard roof in London, Jimmy conceived the idea for the Hallclip® lead fixing wedge.

The HallHook® Revolution

Addressing the perennial problem of replacing broken slates on roofs, Jimmy introduces the HallHook®. As a secret, permanent, and fail-safe device, it eliminates the need for unsightly and less durable repair methods

SolarFlash® Emerges

Understanding the rising popularity of solar panel installations and the inherent roofing challenges they bring, the SolarFlash® system is launched

Global Expansion

With the success of their product line, Genius Roof Solutions expands its reach internationally, with products now being used in a growing number of countries.

Introduction of FlexiFlash® Kit

To cater to the varied needs of roofers, the FlexiFlash® Kit is introduced. Designed specifically for profile tiles, it complements the other SolarFlash® kits.

Introduction of SpeedFlash®

Even though SolarFlash® revolutionised solar installations, we appreciated installations on slate roofs were time consuming and required a skilled roofer. In 2024 came the solution slate installers had been waiting for, a flashing method which doesn't involve removing slate.

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