We are a family owned business based in Lancashire England, dedicated to ensuring roofers of today are armed with innovative solutions to perform professional, permanent repairs.

Genius Roof Solutions provide a wide range of solutions and innovations that have transformed and improved the way that roofers can fit slate and tile roofs, including our patented Hallclip™ and Hallhook™, developed by inventor Jimmy Hall. Today our products are being used all over the UK, and in a growing number of countries.

Solar Flash Installation on Slate
Solar Flash Installation on Plain Tile
Hall Hook Video


  • We are always extremely careful about the suitability of the products that we represent and have been conscious of the requirements under MCS 012 for some time now. SolarFlash allows our customers to be 100% confident that their installations are fully compliant. A well designed perfectly suitable, superb solution!

    - Andy O’Leary, Sibert -

  • Every once in a while a product comes onto the market that every installer should use, and this is it! SolarFlash enables us to do a weather-tight installation every time, that fully meets the MCS 012 standard, giving peace of mind to both the homeowner and installer

    - Mark Brooker, Renewables Manager, Fischer Fixings UK -

  • I was shown both the Hallclips and the Hallhooks, and it was a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment

    - H. George Modlin, Delta Innovative Services, US -

  • Really impressed with your product Hallhook!

    - Justin Foster, Roofing Contractor -

  • Thank you for taking my call regarding Yorkshire Stone roofs and how best to fit PV panels to them. For someone to take the amount of time you did to explain some of the issues is a great credit to you, your professionalism and kind nature. I’m sure I will get a more robust, longer lasting system that won’t give me cause for concern in 5, 10 or 15 years time.

    - Mark Cooper -

  • I used your SolarFlash and Hallhooks on a recent job and loved them both – definitely use them again on future jobs

    - Martin Bland, Soar Yorkshire Ltd -

  • I have been a roofer, leadworker for over 30 years, Hallclips are a great idea and they work. I have been using them for 2 years, they save time and stay in better than lead wedge when dressing. Also, they are easy to point. Try them and you will never use a lead wedge again!

    - Cliff Clinch -

  • I would just like to say I have been fitting solar for five years and have been waiting for someone to come along and make my life easier with regards to slate roofs. When I saw your system in Birmingham I thought it was just the job!

    - Gary Keeys, Renewable Energy Trainer, Ecoskies (Training Centres) Ltd. -

  • Fantastic product! The Hallhook should be available everywhere.

    - On-line Purchaser -

  • Having used the Hallhook on numerous occasions, I can honestly say this product is one of, if not, the best method of secretly fixing slates. No unsightly lead tag or messing about with glues and because it is a product rather than a piece of lead etc, the cost can be fairly passed on to the customer

    - Derek Stafford Roofing -

  • Just a note to say I purchased 80 SolarFlash units a few weeks ago, and I was very impressed.

    - Stuart Elflett, Solar Energy Solutions Norfolk -

  • I tried the SolarFlash for the first time yesterday, brilliant for my jobs.

    - Bob Boyd, Solar Installer, Barrow-in-Furness -

  • A very ingenious method of solving an increasing problem. As solar PV installers, our roofing expertise is limited and it is products like this that will help us provide a top notch service and peace of mind

    - Mark Catan, MCS Approved Solar PV Installer -


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