Slate roofs are a thing of beauty

Jimmy Hall

In 2010 I wanted to spend some time on another problem that had bothered me all my working life (45 years roofing); the use of a lead strap (tingle) to repair a broken slate.  Ignoring the fact that they are tremendously unsightly and can give the impression of a building in disrepair, they are also not a permanent solution, as the strap, over time, can be pushed down with rain and melting snow.

You will often see a lead strap very high on the roofs of churches, cathedrals, heritage buildings and stately homes. The real cost of these repairs is the scaffolding or cherry picker to access the problem.

If the repair isn’t permanent it could be a recurring cost to constantly repair the same slate.

The Hallhook overcomes this problem as it is a hidden permanent slate fixing. The Hallhook is now widely used not just as a slate repair hook but also on Solar PV / Thermal installations on slate roofs where it is used to re-attach the final slates after fixing the mounting system to the rafters. The Hallhook is now specified by numerous councils, architects and various organisations for carrying out slate repairs.

The most important thing to us is to continue to supply products that allow the user to do a permanent repair/installation to their property that does not undermine the performance or appearance of the roof.