SolarFlash™ Now we can all do it right! Click to watch the installation on slate video
SolarFlash™ Now we can all do it right! Click to watch installation on plain tiles video


Unfortunately, solar installers are not always experienced slaters, and therefore their methods of repair are unlikely to withstand a few harsh English winters.

The SolarFlash™ system is a simple and effective waterproof solution to refitting roofing slates or tiles around a roof bracket when installing solar photovoltaic, or other, panels.
By installing with SolarFlash™, it can help you to ensure that all your installations are MCS 012 compliant.

SolarFlash™ is very easy to install and enables you to do an excellent job and leave the roof with a clean, reliable and weatherproof finish, without any additional expert knowledge or training.
Our installation video shows you step-by-step how to easily and quickly install SolarFlash™.

SolarFlash™ is in use all over the UK by solar installers, housing associations, roofers and developers, as well as in a growing number of countries.

Why you need SolarFlash™

The existing method of dressing a flashing material around the bracket is fundamentally flawed, as the bracket moves and in doing so can move the flashing material, which can potentially lead to damaged or cracked slates.
This impacts on the weathertightness of the roof and means that the installation is not MCS 012 compliant.

SolarFlash™ Sizes

SolarFlash™ comes in two main sizes:

SolarFlash™ Large

SolarFlash™ for Slate roofs
H 365mm by W 365mm

SolarFlash™ Small

Smaller SolarFlash™ for Plain / Concrete tiled roofs
H 235mm by W 251mm

Slate Refit Kit

Slate Refit Kit
For use on existing Slate Roofs

  • 1 x SolarFlash™
  • 3 x Hallhooks™ & 1 x Hookpull™
  • 2 x Shims (packings)
  • 1 x Foam insert
  • 3 x Compensation hooks
  • Installation instructions
Slate New Build Kit

Slate New Build Kit
For use on all new build slate roofs

  • 1 x SolarFlash™
  • 2 x Shims (packings)
  • 1 x Foam insert
  • Installation instructions
Flat Tile Kit

Flat Tile Kit
For use on Plain Tiles (Rosemary),
Concrete Tiles (Marley Modern, Stonewold)

  • 1 x Smaller SolarFlash™
  • 2 x Shims (packings)
  • 1 x Foam insert
  • Installation instructions
SolarFlash™ Presentation

What people say…

Thank you for taking my call regarding Yorkshire Stone roofs and how best to fit PV panels to them. For someone to take the amount of time you did to explain some of the issues is a great credit to you, your professionalism and kind nature. I’m sure I will get a more robust, longer lasting system that won’t give me cause for concern in 5, 10 or 15 years time.

Mark Cooper

Important points when using SolarFlash™ with slates:

  • Bracket elbow widths should be at least 30mm to enable the bracket to clear the roofing material.
  • Installers frequently attempt to flash an area larger than necessary. The course of slates beneath the fixed bracket must be replaced, thereby only requiring a small hole (where the elbow of the bracket protrudes) to be flashed - the SolarFlash™ then covers this.
  • Any flashing material should not be in contact with the bracket when interwoven with the roofing material as the bracket is a moveable projection from the roof and has to be allowed to move without causing potential damage to the roofing material. SolarFlash™ is designed to give clearance around the bracket, thereby allowing inevitable bracket movement.
  • Fitting the final slates into position must be done using a mechanical fixing per MCS 012. A lead tingle or blob of silicone does not stand up as a long-term repair.

This product is compatible with all brackets designed to be fixed with clearance from the roof. It is the installers responsibility to ensure weathertightness is maintained. SolarFlash™ ensures the fixing/flashing is fully compatible with MCS 012 weathertightness requirements.

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