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SolarFlash FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below. If you cannot find what you are searching for please get in touch.

We have installation videos available here.

We currently supply 4 different SolarFlash kits:

SolarFlash Slate New Build Kit
SolarFlash Slate Refit Kit
SolarFlash Flat Tile Kit
SolarFlash Profile Tile Kit

On a new build, the answer is a straight yes, because you would position the brackets in exactly the same way as on a battened roof. On a retrofit, when you are replacing the last course of slates, you can’t access the nailholes, so you would need to use the HallHook. On a battened roof the nail holes are determined by the battens. On a sark boarded roof, the nails should be in the right position but they could be in a different position.

If the nails are not in the same position on a battened roof, then the HallHook can’t work effectively as the lap could be compromised.

Per building regulations and the manufacturers specification for that roofing material, but never less than 20 degrees.

SolarFlash is designed to give a maximum 4 inch / 100mm headlap, and is designed for single lap tile layout and double lap slate layout (with slates, the pitch is as per the building inspectors recommendation).

We would never recommend the use of a flat bracket. The main issue we see is that any contact between the bracket and the roofing material will transfer movement in the panels onto the roofing material.

The product can be purchased on this website however we have stockists all over the UK and Ireland. Please view the stockists page to find a local supplier.

Our range of SolarFlash products can be used with (but not limited to) the following:

Flat Tiles
Profile Tiles