HallHook FAQs

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We have an installation video available here.

It depends on whether the nails are in the right position. On a battened roof the nail holes are determined by the battens. On a sark boarded roof, the nails should be in the right position but they could be in a different position.

If the nails are not in the same position on a battened roof, then the HallHook can’t work effectively as the lap could be compromised.

One pack includes 10 HallHooks and 1 HallHook.

  • For general repair
  • After solar panel bracket mounting
  • After roof light/window installation
  • After installing slate vents

The HookPull helps position slates when using our HallHook product. Once your slate is in place, gently pull the HookPull until the HallHook hooks the base of the slate.