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An Alternate To Copper Tingles

What Are Copper Tingles?

The Copper Slate Strap, also known as “copper tingles”, is a traditional method of securing broken slates to a roof. They provide an economic and quick solution to broken or slipped roof slates though it is a method that is not aesthetically pleasing given the tingle can be very prominent when looking at the fix.

Once the slate has been removed from the roof, the copper strap is nailed vertically onto an exposed timber batten. The slipped or new slate is placed on the strap and the bottom edge is then bent around the end of the slate. The slate is now back in place and fixed in position.

A Modern Solution to Copper Tingles - The HallHook

The HallHook was invented by a roofer for roofers.

By using the HallHook you can do away with unsightly lead or copper straps which may give the impression the roof is unsafe and/or prone to further problems. Older buildings can look quaint. Lead or copper straps in the roof make it look dilapidated.

The HallHook is a failsafe device – once properly installed it cannot fail.

  1. Fit between slates.
    Once nail fitting is applied at 2 this provides a verticle line to 3 which prevenrs lateral movement.
  2. Two nail fixings are offered. The nail fixing to be used is dependent on size of slate head lap.
  3. Upward biased spring that remains in contact with the underside of the object slate whilst disappearing between the two slates underneath the underside contact prevents the hook pull slipping off the HallHook.

3 Easy Steps For HallHook Installation

Step One – Bremove the broken slate.

Step Two – Position the HallHook between slates so that the bottom hook is 100 above the finished slate baseline and fix in place with nail. Hang the HookPull on the Hook.

Step Three – Slide the new slate into place. Next, gently pull the HookPull until the HallHook attaches to the base of the slate. Finally the HookPull can be removed.