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Securing Lead Flashing

Securing lead flashing - What to know...

The lead flashing on a roof is an integral part of the building’s structure. It’s pupose is to prevent water ingress through an exposed joint. Securing lead flashing is important to keep a watertight roof.

What is flashing?

Flashings can be located in many outer areas of a building. The most common areas is the roof however you will also find flashing in porches, windows, doors, walls and the foundations. Anything that meets the roof such as a chimney, skylight, vent, etc. should have some kind of flashing.

The Purpose of Roof Flashing

Flashing is critical to certain areas of your roof — namely, the places where the roof surface meets a wall (sidewalls and front walls), the low points where two roof slopes meet (called valleys), roof protrusions (bathroom/kitchen vents, skylights) and the roof’s edges (rakes and eaves).

Applying a cement fillet to the joint is not going to be adequate. Even with a bonding agent added, water will still find its way in. Within a short space of time the cement will crack and begin to fall away, allowing a major leak into the house interior.

Securing lead flashing using the HallClip

Traditionally, the common method of fixing flashing was to create a bung or chock with an offcut piece of lead which is then hammered below the surface of the bricks to form a wedge. The drawbacks with this process is it can be very time consuming.

The HallClip replaces these lead wedges saving you time and money. Available in two sizes – to fit chase joints of 6mm – 18mm and 16mm – 26mm, the time taken securing lead flashing can be up to 20 times faster.

When using the HallClip, you should secure the flashing in place as normal and seal with mortar. One pack of HallClips fixes up to 20 linear metres of flashing whilst the HallClip+ for larger joints will secure up to 10 metres.

The product can be purchased via our online store or through stockists throughout the UK.